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What Would Michael J. Fox Do?

In Unnecessary Thoughts on May 21, 2009 at 10:15


Ok.  So back to my time-travel internal debate for a moment here…

If, IF, I were to go back in time, which I have considered on many many many occassions, I am generally presented with a common concern, which is how to ‘fit in’ during that era, lest I risk being discovered as a time traveller.  (The ramifications I have yet to explore…).  Above is a great illustration of how I find this scenario to be problematic, and pervasive to most time travellers.

I am going to make a few assumptions here first:

1. This picture is not recent, and is well over a decade or two old, which therefore means it was taken in the PAST.

2. These people are twins (irrelevant, but in the name of science, necessary information somehow).

3. Jeans with chaps BUILT-IN were in someone’s mind cool for at least a few months.  Maybe weeks.

4. They are most likely not ‘unpopular’ people, given their confidence in wearing such inspired fashion, regardless of the decade.

5. They may be sponsored by Diet Pepsi (also irrelevant but interesting to note).

SO, with these premises in mind, I now flash back to my arriving in the late 1980’s / early 1990’s and encountering these people.  Please bear in mind, I must not be discovered, for being discovered as a future-dweller has awful repercussions.  I am obviously in some form of chrono-local attire to blend it, albeit, nothing involving chaps or long hair.  If I were to meet these people, I would face a very difficult conundrum.

How do I not laugh out loud seeing their clothes!?

Seriously.  It’s a big concern of mine.  If these people are super cool, I would be showing a complete disregard for what is ‘super cool’ and risk being discovered. (Note: it is important that I am perceived as super-cool in my time traveling scenarios – no explanation required). But I really really really would want to laugh.  Badly.

It’s problems like this that force me to ask: WWMJFD?

What indeed.  And why is this the first thing I think of when looking at old photos??

– B –



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