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LEGO my ego!

In Unnecessary Thoughts on April 15, 2009 at 12:11

I came across this post through one of my students via facebook.   I really enjoy the thought and depth that these ‘brick builders’ use to create these PHENONMENAL sculptures.  I’m only on page two of this site, and my mind is already swimming with questions like “how the heck do you get involved in this??” and “how the heck do you even begin to think about building one of these??”.

I suppose it must take a very intimate understanding of LEGO pieces, and construction techniques, as well as a loads of patience and trial and error, to make these fantastic sculpture.  It really speaks volumes about a couple of interesting theories both provided by our good friend Malcolm Gladwell, one from Blink and the other from Outliers.  The former relates to being so familiar with your subject or expertise that it is just ‘understood’ how these things are done (similar to learning music I’ve found) the latter relates to the ‘10,000 hours’ principle that suggests anyone can become an expert at something if they have 10,000 hours of time to explore it.   It reminds me of my own creative experiments with LEGO, including using the heads of the mini figures on things like trees (Tree people!), buildings (Building people!) and vehicles (Road kill!).  Not anywhere near as successful as these examples, but it makes me wonder where I would be today had I continued exploring that particular creative outlet.


Either way, it’s very cool.  Hat’s off LEGO people!

– B –

  1. so strange… i was just talking about this very concept of the 10,000 hour expert!

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