Ben McEvoy

Herbs your daddy?

In Unnecessary Thoughts on April 8, 2009 at 20:57

What a wonderful play on words!  It took me all day to think up that one.  Well, as it turns out, I’m the proud poppa of about 15 new stalks of herbs that I am growing in my tiny little swlf-watering greenhouse, and boy am I ever proud indeed!  And I’m going to name them all … Herbert.  This could get confusing…

So, last week I decided to get my thumb a little more green and try my hand at some home-grown horticulture.  This is a weighty decision after roughly 10 years of routinely killing plants in my posession, but is mostly the result of a fantastic gift from my sister, as well as a small population of fancy plants that I am now trying my very best to keep alive.   It turns out, naming plants helps!  I have Guillaume, my Ginger-Root Bonsai; Jean-Marcel, my tiny assymetrical pine bonsai… and two others that I forget the names of now (and conversely aren’t getting as much attention…).  Oh and a bamboo plant. ANYWHO, I also have a tiny greenhouse now, full of tiny Herberts, which I am going to nurture into my own little garden full of fresh herbs for me to eat!

It’s so fun to watch these plants grow!  I imagine this is an accurate reflection of how exciting my working hours can be these days, but it has also helped me to solidify my perception of life on this earth.  Amazing.  Some dry little seeds have become living, breathing, yummy plants. Just the other day, I was formulating a theory on how pets are actually our slaves, and it struck me how all life on earth is equal, be it human, animal or even plants.  It does the same thing: grow from a seed, bloom grow, age, and eventually wither away and die.  Or be eaten.  It was a revelation that was provided me a startling clarity for the entire day actually!

So I am now the patriarch of a family that consists of about 12 healthy Basil plants (Hebert St. Basil), about 8 healthy Thyme plants (Herbert Thymington I presume?), a couple of sprigs of Cilantro (Capt. Herbert Coriander), some Oregano (Monsignor Herberto Oregano) and some very sprightly Dill weed (Dillbert).  {The only sad sack in the group is the Rosemary, who hasn’t done BUPKISS since being planted.}

Nevertheless, the whole family appears to be getting along well so far.  It feels pretty good to have this little bit of extra life in the apartment; it would be even better if it could play with my cat, who is getting pretty needy in the attention department these days.  Either way, I’ll keep the whole world posted on my herbs in a later post.  Maybe with a recipe.

– B –

  1. Update: the herbs have died from consumption. Not the noun consumption, but the verb consumption. The herbs were verbed.

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